Purple Shaded Sky Turned Drowsy

Purple Sky Turned Drowsy

Purple Sky Turned Drowsy (Photo Credits: Anoop © People and Hearts)

When bottled up emotions burst onto the colorless wall,
Eyes perceived the change of colors on the wall.
When the scattered emotions was born as a cocktail of colors,
Heart recognized the lost shades of each color.

When tears rolled from the defeated eyes,
The defenseless wall portrayed a purple shaded sky,
When the hands touched the feeble wall,
The purple shaded sky turned drowsy.

– Anoop
© People and Hearts


3 thoughts on “Purple Shaded Sky Turned Drowsy

  1. Another beautiful one of a long time!!!! I wish the wall to defend with colors that ve been drained to complete a rainbow!!!! Splash it with colors……for the sky will expand the beauty in the touch of that powerful hand!!

    • The drained wall was to complete the rainbow with time. Splashing of colors needs the right combination. The beauty of sky will definitely expand itself probably with a different color. For the touch of the hand, I wish it may achieve its power someday.

      Thanks! Your comments go a long way!
      Happy Reading!

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